- your specialist in clarinet!

Instructions and Lessons:

As experienced lecturer and plurally certificated clarinetist using selected Finnish or other International teaching frames and -programs:

Instructions and lessons fluently in:

Further workshops, lectures, seminars and specially designed sessions f.e. of:

are provided by me as your "personal coach" according to your individual needs in a very practical manner.

Creativity, positive attitude and a every-day working method as well easy to exercise structure are fitted very well into balance, creating a friendly supportive atmosphere!

... Just like my lessons!

Applications of talented children and juniors as well of interested adults can be obtained at any time!
I am looking forward in helping you personally!

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Jörg Fabian Schnabel
MuM (SibA), (Mag. HdK), SML, SKS, BDLO

Mobile: +358-050-3019891

Registeration: FIN-1998343-0
Jurisdiction: Espoo/Finland

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